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Good/Working knowledge of Web Technology tools, Java Script, Document Object Model (DOM) and MVC is preferred.

Course Description

Angular JS Acer AngularJS is one of the most innovative frameworks to develop properly structured, easy-to-develop web applications. It is the leading framework that is used to build dynamic JavaScript applications that take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers and devices. It is maintained by Google and provides the power of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to the client. It is used to build applications that are smaller, faster, and with a lighter resource footprint than ever before. It is intuitive, easy to customise, and test friendly. This course provides a step-by-step guide to learning the powerful AngularJS JavaScript framework. It teaches essentials, from downloading and installing AngularJS, to using modules, controllers, expressions, filters, and directives.

Course Objectives

1.Fundamentals of AngularJS and its models, functions and directives
2.Discuss the development of AngularJS and working with the controllers of AngularJS
3.Describe Rest service and views of AngularJS
4.Discuss how to unit test and end-to-end test AngularJS applicationsL
5.Describe how to use IDE and how to route using ngRoute and ngRepeat

Course Curriculum

  • Exploring JavaScript Client-Side Frameworks,Exploring Single-Page Applications,Bootstrapping the Application
  • Exploring AngularJS Routes,Exploring AngularJS Templates,Exploring AngularJS Views (MVC),
  • Exploring AngularJS Models (MVC),Exploring AngularJS Controllers (MVC),Integrating AngularJS with Other Frameworks,Testing AngularJS Applications
  • Exploring Public REST Services,Exploring Changes to the Controllers,Exploring Model Properties
  • Exploring Blog Application Public Services,Modifying the HTML,Modifying App.js,Modifying the Controllers
  • Running the Application,Testing Services with Karma

Exploring AngularJS Functions

Exploring HTML Compiler,Exploring Directives,Building Custom Directives,Naming Conventions for Directives

Exploring Restrict Option and Template URL,Exploring Template Attributes,

Adding Custom Directive and Passing Title Attribute,Running Blog Application,Testing Directives with Karma

  • Exploring Tools and IDEs
  • Running an Application
  • Testing with AngularJS
  • Exploring Unit Tests and End-to-End/Integration Tests
  • Exploring Compilation and Debugging
  • Exploring Yeoman
  • Integrating AngularJS with RequireJS
  • Exploring How to Initialise the Model with Controllers
  • Adding Behaviour with Controllers
  • Exploring Controller Business Logic
  • Exploring Presentation Logic and Formatting Data
  • Exploring Form Submission
  • Using Submitted Form Data
  • Exploring JS Test Driver
  • Testing with Karma
  • Exploring REST Services,Exploring AngularJS and REST Services,Ways to Create AngularJS Services and Communicate with REST Services
  • Updating the Project for REST,Exploring REST Services and Controllers,Exploring JSON Response
  • Exploring List Services,Testing Services with Karma
  • Exploring AngularJS Templates,Creating the Blog Project,Adding a New Blog Controller and Blog Template
  • Adding a Bootstrap Menu and Mock Blog Data,Using CSS3 to Style the Page,Adding Styles and Presentation Logic,Viewing the Blog Post,Running the Blog Application
  • Exploring Providers
  • Exploring Decorators
  • Exploring Profiling and Performance
  • Exploring Performance Profiling
  • Exploring Debugging
  • Exploring Angular MVC,Exploring Unit Tests
  • Basic Example,Exploring Multiple Views,Using Resolve Functions to Load Data,Nested Views/States
  • Exploring Routing using ngRoute,
  • Exploring ngRepeat
  • Exploring IDE
  • Editing HTML Code and JavaScript Code
  • Creating the Templates
  • Running the Applications
  • Testing AngularJS Applications in the IDE
  • Exploring JsTestRunner and Karma Test Runner
  • Exploring Protractor
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