Cyber Science Bootcamp

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24 hrs





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90 mins

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Basic Digital Literacy and Knowledge of any operating system is preferred.

Course Description

Cyber Science Bootcamp In organisations, information and business data can be considered as the most valuable assets. Organisations are aware of the importance of data in making their business a success. Further, in order to survive the competitive-market driven economy, organisations have to embrace the technological innovations. However, with the ever-increasing use of mobiles, tablets and other wearable devices collecting vast amounts of data, privacy or security is a growing concern for organisations. Thus, companies need to come up with the ways to counter these cybersecurity threats and attacks on the vast data being generated. Cyber Science Bootcamp is a course designed for IT professionals who want to enhance their skills in the area of cybersecurity..

Course Objectives

1. Explain cybersecurity, crimes and threats
2. Discuss cybersecurity kill chain
3. Describe Reconnaissance and how to compromise a system.
4. Explain phishing attacks and attacks through sniffing
5. Describe how to move laterally and various privilege escalation techniques.
6. Explain vulnerability scanning and management
7. Describe cyber security strategies
8. Discuss how to secure from network-based attacks
9. Describe frameworks, Policies, Controls, and Procedures.

Course Curriculum

  • Exploring Information Security
  • Exploring Security Threats
  • Exploring Attack Vectors
  • Exploring Cyber-Terrorism
  • Exploring Virus Threat and Malicious Attacks
  • Introducing Cyber Kill Chain
  • Exploring Reconnaissance
  • Exploring Weaponisation
  • Exploring Privilege Escalation
  • Exploring Exfiltration
  • Introduction to External Reconnaissance
  • Introduction to Internal Reconnaissance
  • Exploring Various Methods of Reconnaissance
  • Exploring How to Defend Against Reconnaissance
  • Analysing the Results of Reconnaissance
  • Analysing the Current Trends in Compromising
  • Performing Steps to Compromise a System
  • Exploring Password Cracking
  • Exploring Zero Day Attacks
  • Exploring How to Compromise a Mobile Phone
  • Introduction to Phishing
  • Exploring Anatomy of Phishing
  • Exploring Mechanics of Phishing
  • Exploring Anatomy of a Smishing Attack
  • Exploring Anatomy of a Vishing Attack
  • Exploring Spear Phishing Attacks
  • Exploring Whaling Attacks
  • Exploring Network Sniffing
  • Exploring MAC Attacks
  • Exploring DHCP Attacks
  • Exploring ARP Poisoning
  • Introduction to Lateral Movement
  • Performing Lateral Movement
  • Introduction to Privilege Escalation
  • Performing Privilege Escalation
  • Exploring Privilege Escalation Techniques
  • Exploring Banking Scams
  • Exploring Credit Card and e-payment Scams
  • Exploring Mortgage Rescue Scams
  • Exploring Automated Clearing House Scams
  • Exploring Retailer Scams
  • Exploring Social Networking Scams
  • Exploring Vulnerability Management
  • Requirements of Vulnerability Management
  • Creating a Vulnerability Management Strategy
  • Exploring Vulnerability Scanner
  • Exploring Best practices for vulnerability management
  • Introduction to Cyber Security Strategies
  • Developing a Cyber Strategy
  • Exploring Best Cyber Attack Strategies
  • Exploring Best Cyber Defense Strategies
  • Exploring Network Segmentation
  • Exploring Honeypots and Honeynets
  • Exploring ACLs
  • Exploring Endpoint Security
  • Exploring Device Hardening
  • Exploring Penetration Testing
  • Exploring Rules of Engagement
  • Exploring Reverse Engineering
  • Exploring Training and Exercises
  • Exploring Security Frameworks
  • Exploring Policies and Procedures
  • Exploring Controls
  • Exploring Security Data Analytics
  • Exploring Manual Review
  • Exploring Defence in Depth
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