Raspberry Pi Bootcamp

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24 hrs





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90 mins

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Knowledge of any operating system is preferred.

Course Description

Raspberry Pi Bootcamp Raspberry Pi is a type of open-source microcomputer-based solution for robot programming. It can be loaded with different operating systems such as Linux and Windows. Different personally built OS can also be executed using Raspberry Pi such as for serving up movies and music. Raspberry Pi comes with a powerful processor with different choices for RAM, micro HDMI ports, USB and Ethernet connection. Raspberry Pi’s famous feature is its adaptability. It can be used for thousands of electronic applications, and using the Linux OS expands the functionality even more. This course helps you in setting up Raspberry Pi and using the desktop environment to edit photos, playing music and videos, and programming.

Course Objectives

1.Fundamentals of Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Software and how to connect it
2.Describe how to create programs and how to connect to the Raspberry Pi input/outputst
3.Discuss how to play with media and create music with Sonic Pi.
4.Discuss Python programs in Raspberry Pi
5.Explain how to build a robot and work on electronics with Raspberry Pi.
6.Discuss Raspberry Pi Zero for home automation.

Course Curriculum

  • Setting Up Raspberry Pi
  • Exploring Tasks to be Done with a Raspberry Pi
  • Exploring Tour of Raspbian
  • Getting Hands on Raspberry Pi
  • Exploring RPi Documentation
  • Exploring RPi Hardware
  • Exploring Raspberry Pi Accessories
  • Exploring Linux on the Raspberry Pi
  • Connecting to a Network
  • Inserting the SD Card
  • Connecting Hardware
  • Configuring Your Raspberry Pi in Raspbian

Exploring Shutdown and Reboot

  • Introducing to Embedded Linux
  • Using the Desktop Environment
  • Using the Linux Shell
  • Using Git for Version Control
  • Using Desktop Virtualization
  • Exploring Scripting Languages
  • Exploring Dynamically Compiled Languages
  • Exploring C and C++ on the RPi
  • Overview of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Interfacing to the Linux OS
  • Improving the Performance of Python
  • Exploring General-Purpose Input/Outputs
  • Exploring C++ Control of GPIOs Using sysfs.
  • Exploring Memory-Based GPIO Control
  • Exploring LibreOffice on Raspberry Pi
  • Exploring How to Edit Photos.
  • Exploring How to Play Audio and Video
  • Exploring Programming with Scratch
  • Exploring How to Start a New Scratch Project and Delete Sprites
  • Exploring How to Add, Draw and Name Sprites.
  • Exploring Variables and How to Move Sprites Automatically
  • Exploring How to Work with Python
  • Drawing Picture with Turtles
  • Exploring How to Create Times Tables Program
  • Exploring How to Create Chatbot Program.
  • Exploring How to Create a Game
  • Exploring Sonic Pi Screen Layout
  • Exploring How to Play Notes
  • Exploring How to Write Shorter Programs
  • Exploring How to Compose Random Tunes Using Shuffle
  • Exploring Circuits
  • Exploring Raspberry Pi’s GPIO Pins
  • Exploring Multicoloured LEDs
  • Exploring Components of robot
  • Exploring How to Logging in Remotely
  • Exploring How to Setup a Chassis
  • Preparing the Motor Driver Circuit
  • Exploring Robot Power supply setup
  • Exploring How to Test Motors
  • Explore How to Setup Camera setup
  • Exploring Voice Activated Personal Assistant
  • Installing and Setting up Audio Tools
  • Connecting Microphone and Building Voice Commands
  • Building the Web Dashboard
  • Exploring Fitbit
  • Exploring Smart Lawn Sprinkler
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